14 September 2023

Australian National Flag Day - CONSTITUENCY STATEMENTS

In celebration of National Flag Day, I've had the pleasure of visiting schools around the electorate of Aston and presenting them with new flags. I visited Wattle View Primary School, Fairhills Primary School and Waverley Christian College over the past few weeks, presenting them with flags and learning about some of the bright, young leaders excelling in these wonderful local schools.


I would like to give a big shout out to Kaya from Fairhills Primary School for his budding enthusiasm about everything flag related. Kaya takes such pride in this pursuit. It was a great pleasure to present him with his own set of flags and a book about Australian flags. Kaya and his mum were absolutely rapt with this gift. It shows how lucky they are to have a school community so committed to ensuring that they have their flags unfurled at the start of each day and taken down at the end of the school day. Kaya took on the role of flag hoister on his own initiative, which is so commendable. His keen interest is lovely to see in such a youngster.


The year 5/6 class at Fairhills Primary School had many questions on my role here at Parliament House and about the nation's flag. Some of their questions I was able to answer, but others, particularly to do with the huge flag on top of Parliament House, I had to take on notice.


I would also like to thank Waverley Christian College for inviting me to come to their assembly to present the college with flags for their new flag poles, which now proudly display the Australian Flag, the Aboriginal Flag, the Torres Strait Islander Flag and my office was able to help facilitate a Victorian state flag from the state member. I was taken on a tour of Waverley Christian College where I made a stop at the college's cafe. It was being operated by the year 11 and 12 VET class, who made a lovely coffee for me and a toasted ham and cheese sandwich, which I must say was delicious and just the thing for a busy federal MP out and about.


I would also like to thank Waverley Christian College for recently sending through a wonderful picture of the student leaders proudly standing in front of the newly erected flag poles. I hope that more of the future leaders take pride in being knowledgeable and keen to learn more about our national history and the history of our flags and continue further on their education pathways.


Lastly, I had a wonderful visit with The Knox School, hosted by Principal Nikki Kirkup. Principal Kirkup explained that it is the students at The Knox School who lead the conversation for change. Focusing on the development of students' personal skills through communication, critical thinking, creativity and collaboration, the school's vision is to grow and promote the learning and wellbeing of each student so they can thrive and contribute in a complex and changing world. I look forward to visiting these schools again and other schools in the electorate of Aston.

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